City Harvest Church: Emerge youth revival (Camp AMP)

HI guys! I’m so stoked to share this with you! Recently, the youth camp that I attended, organized by my church, City Harvest Church (CHC), “Camp AMP”, is such an amazing camp, probably the only camp I will ever enjoy in my entire life (that’s how much I loathe going camps, with the exception of this camp).

I came to this camp, not expecting much to happen, however, quite the contrary, I experienced God in a whole new level, hearing Him speak so clearly to me, praying for each other, and moving in the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The activities were exciting, but the session nights were even better. I was encouraged and blessed tremendously by all the pastors, how you reminded us of the fundamental and basics of our faith, which is a relationship with God, being a disciple of Jesus, and moving in the Holy Spirit.

Firstly, I was deeply blessed by Pastor Yi Lun’s word, it was something like a wake-up call for me. Oftentimes, life is uncertain, and the worries of life may distract us from Jesus. Our focus is shifted to our worries instead of God. But just as you said pastor, true wisdom is when we acknowledge God to be in control over everything and there’s nothing else that is certain except God, in other words, the fear of God. When our focus is fixed on Jesus, we are able to follow Him. You know, sometimes, we expected God to follow on our train when we accepted Him into our lives. But just as Matthew 16:24 says, we need to board God’s train because only He knows the plans that He has for us, He knows the route that we are supposed to take. Also, I was encouraged by what pastor shared, that despite the successes and failures, most importantly, it’s about the experience that draws you closer to God. Our successes and failures don’t define us, but it’s the experience we had with God that is above all else.

Secondly, I was really blessed by Pastor Ming Jing’s message about how to move to in the Holy Spirit. It stirred me to be more persistent to press into the presence of God and to seek the Spirit for wisdom for a Rhema word, a fresh revelation. Sometimes when I read the bible, I just pray, and nothing more. Other times when I don’t feel that tired, I just felt a little bit of the Holy Spirit and fall back asleep. Rarely, I fully immerse myself in His presence, kinda like how you’re at the pool, sometimes you go ankle-deep, other times you go fully submerged in the water. I think that I needed to linger longer into His presence to experience Him in a more profound way, to just flow like a river, like in John 7:38, and identify what the Holy Spirit is speaking to me. I felt a very tangible presence of God, and I just knelt down, worshiping and glorifying Him. Actually I went in front but due to time and space constraint, I was not prayed for, but from where I was standing at the back, I could feel the warmth, even though the back part of the room is the coldest part of the room, I just felt the warmth and the love of God.

Thirdly, I really think Pastor Ming’s word was speaking directly to me. The part where he shared how the philistines put back up their god, that only we can put back up the god, not some other external forces, was like something that pierced right through me. Quite a few times, I struggle with past guilt and shame, marvellousand that created fear in me. Sure, I was saved and had the Holy Spirit. However, whenever I felt defeated, I couldn’t feel God, but what I didn’t realize was that I kept putting back up this “god” in my life. I stepped forward to be prayed for and felt a rush of warmth, I couldn’t stop crying. I surrendered this area of my life to God, and slowly I overcome this issue with God’s strength. Then, the Holy Spirit encouraged me to pray with the people around me, and we began to bless each other. Also, I was so encouraged by what he shared, that we need to keep proclaiming God’s word over our lives daily so that we can filter the negativity in our hearts. And lastly, was greatly moved when pastor Ming encouraged us to quieten down our hearts and listen closely to what the Holy Spirit is saying to us, and I got it almost immediately. God reminded me of who I am in marvelous creation, that He knew me even before the foundations of the earth were laid, how He loved me so much. He also reminded me of the phrase “don’t go back”, the word “restore” and Jeremiah 29:11.

What I really took back with me was the power-packed experience of these 3 sessions, conveying with God and the tangible presence of the Holy spirit.


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