Fake news. It’s all the rage.

The term ‘fake news’ hasn’t popped up until not too long ago, scarcely before the US presidential elections. The usage of this term has been used widely —perhaps, a little too widely until it has meshed into our vocabulary. Below is a prime example of what a legitimate fake news is.

Recently, senior pastor of City Harvest Church (CHC), Pastor Kong Hee, posted a video of him praying over thousands of bottles of anointing oil, saying a prayer of blessing, and then announced that he’s giving it out to all CHC members for FREE. Unfortunately, he received yet another backlash from the mainstream media, for giving out, wait for it —anointing oil. 

Yes, the media has strike again. We are now being hated and spoken against (indirectly, if THEY did so directly, it’ll be deemed as sedition) by the media for being Christian. I mean, since when has it been such a disgrace to be Christian and practice our beliefs?

We can’t sit idly around and let them attack us! They can have their right to free speech, but so can I. Hence, here’s my take on reading the article (or diary entry) posted by journalists on behalf of Yahoo Singapore, The Independent and mothership.sg.

Preposterous and inaccurate facts presented in that article by Yahoo, The Independent, and Mothership.sg. These supposedly credible news agencies are supposed to present the truth as it is and not insert their opinion into it!They didn’t clarify with the church (or as they like to call us ‘the guilty party; convicts; criminals’) neither did they even bother to cross-refer to other CREDIBLE sources. And I rephrase, “If you are interested in getting your hands on a bottle of olive oil blessed by Pastor Kong Hee, make sure to contact your nearest City Harvest Church representative authorized reseller.” (By the way, the sentence before is corrected by Grammerly. This is the real sentence: If you are interested to get your hands on a bottle of olive oil blessed by Pastor Kong Hee, make sure to contact your nearest City Harvest Church representative authorised reseller.)I beg your pardon, but in case anyone has misread the statement from the church, it was never for sale.

This is a prime example of FAKE news—alternative facts so twisted that they’re far beyond the truth (and no, I’m not talking about mainstream media claiming that fake news is anything hitting too close to Trump’s home base and anything conflicting with Republican ‘dogs’ conservative ideologies). This influx of fake news presented by self-righteous bigots (or journalists) must be stopped!

Here are five steps on how to quickly identify fake news:

1. Too much opinion. You know the article’s gonna be a mess when there’s way too much mumbo jumbo going on in the first and last paragraph. Unless it’s part of the opinion section.

2. Too little objective facts. The journalist did not cross-refer to credible sources/ they did not cross-refer to any other source at all.

3. The journalist did not interview the party that they’re publicly shaming. Come on, at least get a clear explanation from the other party before reporting as you wish.

4. The article has no sense of direction. Too much of branching out to sub-related topics/branching out to topics that are not even related to the main theme of the article.

5. Personally attacking the party instead of discussing the issue at hand. A number 1 indicator that the article is presenting alternative facts/ fake news.

In the advent of social media, news spread like forest fires. We receive updates with the tap of our fingers, and this great surge in information and news can cause confusion. What one person or source is saying may not match up to another. Actually, fake news isn’t something we should be worried or suspicious about, as long as the article has correct grammar (not found in Yahoo, The Independent, and mothership.sg) and objective views, you’re pretty much safe. As responsible and intelligent beings, we ought to know better when commenting online — when is the time to exercise our right to free speech, and when is the time not to overstep on people’s boundaries. Everyone is able to exercise their rights to freedom but remember: insulting or slandering other people based on untrue facts is never free speech or even freedom. Unless someone can tell me what the lawfully and politically correct definition of free speech is (without reference to the bible), I can’t accept these articles written by self-proclaimed ‘legitimate’ journalists.

Here are the websites which I quoted from:







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